Thankful for opportunities to collaborate with these organizations.

Body Structure provided opportunities to develop and launch an integrated health coaching program and serve older and special populations.

Enhancing Life provided opportunities to facilitate establishing a mission-driven company structure, developing a strategic plan, and promoting team coherence.

Golden Door provided opportunities to explore various exercise modalities and meditation practices while developing the skills to connect meaningfully with those I support.

LHAA provided opportunities to lead Fitness and Nutrition Coaching program team members and facilitate program analysis and strategy implementation.

The MQT Food Co-op provided opportunities to learn about the value of locally sourced food products and supporting community farms.

NMU provided opportunities to pursue an education in a community oriented environment while competing nationally and internationally in the sport of speed skating.

Neuro Trainer provided opportunities to participate in product development and customer identification aimed at enhancing athletic performance through mental skills training.

The New Pi Food Co-op provided opportunities to share the value of locally sourced food products with community members and promote community farm support.

Performance Health and Fitness provided opportunities to develop and launch a recovery-oriented fitness class, enhance client workout tracking, and serve older and special populations.

The PNIC provided opportunities to facilitate community outreach activities that promoted health, fitness, and the pursuit of excellence to local youth education programs.

The Special Olympics provided opportunities to support the sports training and competition for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Stewart Occhipinti, LLP provided opportunities to conduct extensive research and analysis relative to National Sport Governing Body compliance with federal law and the Bylaws of the United States Olympic Committee.

(Now "Northern Michigan University Olympic Training Site")

The USOEC provided opportunities to develop team leadership and time management skills while pursuing excellence in education and sport.