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Heel Ramp

After discovering the value of a heel ramp, I set out to explore the web and was unimpressed with the options available.

Luckily, my engineer (thanks dad!) was willing to collaborate on aiming to produce the best heel ramp available.

It is our pleasure to make this ramp available to you.


14 Gauge powder coated steel that supports structure, portability, and longevity.

3 Support braces that promote structural integrity over time.

2 Handles that benefit maneuverability.

Grip tape to encourage platform confidence.

2 Sides (17 degrees and 23 degrees).

Width = 20".


$150 (Medium) $200 (Large) + Packaging and Shipping .

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Feedback from coaches, trainers, and physical therapists:

How has the heel ramp helped your clients or athletes?

“They can feel a difference with whole foot contact rather than an elevated heel.”

- Ryan Patrick, Performance coach

Owner PeakFAST Fitness & Sports Training

“My clients now have the ability to feel their whole foot while squatting.”

- Candice Gaines, Personal Trainer/Coach

Owner, Wellness Gaines

“Achieve positions that are novel to them from a sensorimotor standpoint. It helps me safely and confidently constrain movements so my patients/clients can feel what we are looking for them to feel, without worrying about their balance”

- Vik Somal

Physical Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist

“Easier coaching/positioning of athletes.”

- Brian Ganz, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Bakersfield Condors Hockey

"The heel ramp is an invaluable tool in my coaching to support clients getting into positions and executing exercises perfectly! I highly recommend this piece of equipment to every trainer to maximize their clients results."

- Dr. Michelle Boland, Strength Coach and Personal Trainer

Michelle Boland Training

"The heel ramp is a great tool for my clients who struggle with maintaining full foot contact with the ground. The ramp is sturdy, stable and has no give even when loaded with 400+ on a squat."

- Matt Domney, Strength Coach and Personal Trainer

Rebel Performance

What do owners of this Heel Ramp appreciate the most?

"The handles on the side"

"It's versatility"

"Large surface area"

"Sturdy yet light and varied options for incline and foot placement"

"Ease of use and move-ability"

"Sturdy while being light"

"Very easy to store and light enough for easy transportation"

Click here to complete an order request for a Heel Ramp.